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New Propspects in Medicine. QRS-Quanten Medizin- Medicine in form of waves with no side effects. Clinically tested & scientifically approved and Gold Medal winner in the largest inventor exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.
QRS Waver 701
QRS Waver 701

QRS Quantum Waver is the integrated QRS Home System with modular sound system as relaxing chair to upkeep wellness and energizes the cells. Motion intensity and oscillation follows the therapy program.

The QRS QUANTUM WAVER creates a unique interaction for mental relaxation and physical vitalization in one integrated system.

The high level wellness system offers an unprecedented possibility of an effective regeneration for body and mind in a very short period of time.

The QRS Quantum Waver is perfect for the Power Napping from time to time. It takes only 20 minutes to relax for a short time and to recharge the own "batteries". Many users are enthusiastic about it and tell: "I feel like newborn, like recharged".


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