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New Propspects in Medicine. QRS-Quanten Medizin- Medicine in form of waves with no side effects. Clinically tested & scientifically approved and Gold Medal winner in the largest inventor exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.
QRS and Health
QRS and Health

Health promotion: anytime and anywhere

Daily health promotion can be so simple if it is supported by modern technology.

The information generated by the Quantum Resonance System is transmitted through pulsating applicators onto the whole body.

The controlled process can be carried out with full clothing on anywhere.


Strong bones and pain free, bereit zu genießen

Our skeletal system is altered constantly. Certain bone cells (Osteoclasts) are only intended to diminish the bone. Osteoblasts build it up again.

With the help of stimulants like hormones and a lot of motion the bone remains in a healthy balance.

With every compression, motion generates an electricity flow in the bone causing the so-called “piezoelectric effect”. This electricity flow is the stimulant, on which the osteoblasts, the bone builders, strongly react. QRS® can stimulate this piezoelectric effect without the need for motion training.

In the human brain there are a large number of opioid receptors.

If these opiod receptors are covered by a morphine based medicine or by endogenous opiates (endorphin), even the strongest pain can be eliminated – according to docking grade. If no pain exists, the mood improves itself. Because there also are opioid receptors which react to the QRS® signals, it suddenly becomes clear why all pain syndromes
are treatable with the QRS®.



Energy for more perfermance and joy!

Lack of exercise, improper diet, stress, smoking and alcohol are all factors that weaken our cells constantly increasing the risk for metabolic diseases later.

In order that our body can withstand this strain, we must be optimaly supplied with nutrients, sufficient movement and get enough time for regeneration and relaxation. What for many people is a real challenge.

QRS® can help!

Regular use of QRS®, activates the metabolism, and improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals. The blood circulation is enriched with more oxygen and thus purifies the body. Tissue and muscles are relaxed.


QRS® for top athletes

Many world class athletes substitute their warmup for the QRS®. With the appropriate program setting, QRS® encourages our sympathetic nervous system, on the part of our autonomic nervous system, to produce a top performance for the athlete. The QRS® ensures both better blood flow as well as an increased oxygen supply to the cells.

Each athlete is thus optimally prepared – in a very short time and without much effort. He can save his strength for the
final sprint.

From the experiences of many athletes it is also known that QRS® can be optimally used with the regeneration phase after exercise. With the appropriate setting, the QRS® application can encourage the parasympathetic nervous system which is popularly called the Anabolic state. It regenerates the body and serves the metabolism, regeneration and building of the body’s own reserves. It provides peace, relaxation and rejuvenation and recovery from physical and mental exertion.

The exact condition that our body needs for regeneration.

Picture: Thermographic pictures of surface temperature progress - left; before QRS® - in the middle; after 4 Minutes QRS® - right; after 8 Minutes QRS®

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