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Molecular Biological Evidence of the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation

This scientific documentation of Audras Dr. Varga is the ideal complement to the numerous published biological building experience from practice. A former research assistant at the University of Heidelberg provides technical explanations and evidence for this complex subject of electromagnetic fields and biological effects. The focus of the human being as part of its environment. Versatile, richly illustrated and is always underpinned by research, Varga leads through topics such as electricity and magnetism, low frequency, and Hochfrequzenz, nature and technology, biological signals and electromagnetic sensitivity. ZeIlkommunikation and pineal gland, calcium and cancer.

He tells of his experiments with animals, cited international research results for health hazards has criticized official limits, and warns against the unconscious deal with everyday electromagnetic fields. A treasure trove of physical explanations, calculations, formulas, biological mechanisms, references and media publications.

177 pages
ISBN 3-8311-3097-3



1st Man is part of its environmental 
2nd Biologically relevant environmental factors 
3rd Electromagnetic pollution - a complex problem 
4th Interaction between the human body and electromagnetic environment 
5th Interpretation of the elements of a circuit 
5.1. Electric charge 
5.2. Voltage 
5.3. Electrical resistance 
5.4. Electric field, as well as coverage 
5.5. Electrical power and impact categories 
5.6. Magnetic flux density and 
5.7. Near fields, far fields and radiation 
5.8. Radiance - Poyintingvektor 
5.8.1. Some biologically relevant power densities 
5.8.2. Natural and artificial radiation density in the everyday 
5.8.3. By comparison, threshold (signal power) of our sense organs 
5.9. Inorganic atoms and organic biomolecules and some interatomic or intermolecular binding energies 
5.10. Radiant atoms and dipoles 
5.11. The cell membrane and 
6th Biosignal and electrical sensitivity 
7th Biological signals and cellular communications 
7.1. Plasma membrane serves as a signal 
7.2. Signal transmission through neural pathways 
7.3. Disruption of membrane potential 
7.4. Disruption of transmembrane proteins 
7.5. Deception of the synapse 
7.6. Synesthetic effect 
8th The pineal gland 
8.1. Electrical impulses from the retina 
8.2. Direct exposure to stray radiation 
9th The cancer problem 
9.1. Cancer initiators 
9.2. Cancer promoters

10th Natural electric fields equal 
10.1. At ground level 
10.2. In the atmosphere - lightning strikes 
11th Elektrophorprinzip 
12th Electrostatic fields in everyday life 
12.1. Health Hazard 
12.2. Material damage 
13th Increased fish growth - Ciba-Geigy 
14th Screen electrostatic fields 
15th Electrical double layer in biology 
15.1. Interaction between dipoles and ions 
15.2. Notion of Zeta, Eta and galvanic potential 
15.3. Polypeptide as an electric dipole, zwitterion, protein interfacial 
15.4. Displacement and orientation polarization 
15.5. Field jumps at interfaces, refractive index 
16th Basis of the air ion technology 
16.1. Bipolar air ions 
16.2. Unipolar positive and negative air ions 
16.3. Application of air ions (neutralization, condensation nuclei, inhalation therapy) 
17th The natural magnetic field of the Earth 
17.1. Magnetic dipole moment, electron and nuclear spins 
17.2. Larmor precession 
17.3. Dia-and paramagnetic biomaterials 
17.4. Oxidation scheme of the paramagnetic oxygen 
18th Biological effects of static magnetic field 
18.1. Magnetic static field combined with 50 Hz alternating field 
18.2. Magnetosomes 
18.3. Aorta in a stationary magnetic field 
18.4. Blood-tests for astronauts 
18.5. Cancer promotion by static magnetic field in rats 
18.6. Screening of static magnetic fields 
19th Biological effects of low frequency (LF) alternating fields 
19.1. Effect on plants 
19.2. Effect on microorganisms 
19.2.1. Gas formation in the yeast 
19.2.2. Change the growth kinetics 
19.2.3. Increased dry biomass (amino acid analysis) 
19.2.4. Search for active components in the substrate (nutrient, oxygen, water) 19.2.5. Reduction of electrokinetic values ??at the cell membrane surface 
19.2.6. Altered cell membrane by osmotic pressure 
19.3. Experiments with chicken embryos fertilized in NF-fields 
19.4. Effect of NF-fields on human 
19.4.1. Natural field (Sverics) 
19.4.2. Technical Fields - High voltage power lines 
19.4.3. Displacement and eddy currents in the body 
19.4.4. Calculation of induced current density in the body (see also 20.6.) 
19.4.5. Stray fields in the home 
19.4.6. Box jumps to the body surface 
19.4.7. Limits the electric accident 
19.4.8. Increased cancer risk among high-voltage overhead power lines and electrical trades 
19.5. Results from animal experiments for NF-fields 
20th Biological effects of radiofrequency (RF) fields and radiation 
20.1. Total transmit power in Germany (3.56 MW) 
20.2. Inventory of all approved radio equipment in Germany 
20.3. Use of the spectrum (civilian, military) 
20.4. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation in Germany 
20.4.1. Natural background levels 
20.4.2. In rural location 
20.4.3. In an urban environment 
20.4.4. In the vicinity of masts 
20.4.5. By "mobile" mobile devices 
20.5. Maximum absorption rate in humans 
20.6. Current density in the body of a man near a transmission tower 
20.7. Recommended clearances 
21st Some relevant laboratory results as evidence for the interaction between RF fields, radiation and life processes 
21.1. Calcium ion distribution in brain cell (in chicks, rats, cats) 
21.2. Inhibition of melatonin synthesis in the pineal gland under EM radiation (light) 
21.3. Inhibition of melatonin synthesis by ELF field (2-39 kV / m) to 2 / 2 weeks 
21.4. Embryos (rats) are in the womb is not shielded from the radiation 
21.5. Evidence of cancer-inhibiting effect of melatonin 
21.6. The immune system is by EMF (60 Hz) weakened by 20% (T-lymphocytes) 
21.7. The cancer promoter phorbol ester is activated by EMF 
21.8. The enzyme ornithine Dekarboxilase is activated by RF-EM-rays 
21.9. Short-term (30 min) reduction of activity of the enzyme protein kinase in lymphocytes 
21.10. EEG - is changed 
21.11. Chicken embryo experiments with RF radiation 
21.12. Cow's milk in the microwave oven 
22nd DIN recommendation is a technical and not a biological plant


23.1. Relevant literature 
23.2. Further Reading


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