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Body Electric - The Body Electric
Body Electric - The Body Electric




Body Electricity - The Body Electric 
Electromagnetism and the Origin of Life

(German translation of the original edition of "The Body Electric - Electromagnetism at the Foundation of Life")

The author Prof. Dr. med R.0. Becker (twice proposed for the Nobel Prize) is known internationally for his spectacular body of research in the field of electricity. Professor Becker has written several books, in the meantime have become bestsellers, published in the United States.

"The Body Electric" tells the fascinating story of our bioelectric selves. Prof. Dr. Robert 0th Becker, the pioneering research in the field of regeneration and its relation to electrical currents in living organisms calls the widely held mechanistic understanding, on our bodies. He found evidence of the healing process in a long time been regarded as outdated 18th theory of the "vitalist" of Century, that electricity is vital to the life process.

But Prof. Beckers are so exciting discoveries that give an outlook to the time when they may one day even human limbs, spinal column, nerves and organs can be regenerated after they have suffered damage - equally fascinating is the story of Professor Becker's struggle operate with the "traditional" science and the authorities to such independent research to be able to.

Quantum Medicine Volume 3 
455 pages 
ISBN 3-9520560-5-7


Dedications 4 
Acknowledgments 5 
A word from the co-author of six 
How it came to the German translation 
Foreword by Dr. Eddie Meier Professional 7 
Contents 13 
Preface to the revised edition 18 
Introduction: The Promise of Art 19 
Additions to "The Body Electric", 1985 edition 
Introduction: The Promise of Art 27

Part 1 - Waxing and regrowth 33

1st Chapter 35 
The head of the Hydra and the blood of Medusa 35 
Non-healing bone fractures 40 
A fairy tale comes true 43

2nd Chapter 53 
The embryo at the wound 53 
The growth mechanism 55 
Control Problems 61 
Nerve connections 70 
Vital electricity 76 
Addendum revised first and second Chapter 85

3rd Chapter 89 
The sign of the miracle 89 
90 The Tribunal 
The reversals 93

Part 2 - The attraction power 99

4th Chapter 101 
The potentials of life 101 
Unpopular Science 104 
Undercurrents of Neurology 108 
A new type of line 115 
To the test 118

5th Chapter 129 
The cycle of becoming aware 129 
The circle is 116 
The artifact-husband and a friend in deed 132 
The electromagnetic brain 138 
Addendum revised 
Second to fifth Chapter 147

6th Chapter 151 
The Ticklish Gene 151 
The pillars of the temple 151 
The internal electronics of the bone 160 
One surprise in the blood 171 
Dedifferentiation in self-service 179 
The genetic key 182

7th Chapter 189 
Good News for Mammals 189 
A rat leg takes the first step 191 
Childhood staff, adult 195 prospects

Part 3 - Our secret healing power 203

8th Chapter 205 
The Silver Wand 205 
Negative for growth, plus 205 for infection 
Positive surprise 212 
The business with the 220 fractures

9th Chapter 226 
The tree body 226 
Cartilage 233 
Skull 236 
Eyes 236 
Muscles 238 
Abdominal organs 239

10th Chapter 243 
The heart of Lazarus 243 
The blastema with the big alarm 244

11th Chapter 251 
The network that mends itself 251 
Peripheral nerves 254 
The spinal cord 256 
The Brain 263

12th Chapter 266 
Correction 266 
A reintegrative approach 271

Part 4 - The essence of life 279

13th Chapter 281 
The missing chapter 281 
The body constellation 286 
Integrating orbits 92 
Fifth revised and supplementary thirteenth chapter 299

14th Chapter 309 
Breathe with the earth 309 
The reputation of the country 317 
The face of the depth of 324 
Evolution at a Crossroads 331 
Hear without ears 335

15th Chapter 343 
Maxwell's Silver Hammer 343 
Subliminal stress 349 
352 power versus human 
Fatale 359 points 
The Central Nervous System 360 
Endocrine system, metabolic system, circulatory system 365 
Growth systems, and immune response 369 
Competing Limits 385 
Invisible warfare 400 
Critical Connections 412

Epilogue: Political Science 417

Addendum revised third section and epilogue 440

Glossary 447

The authors 453

Afterword 454

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