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New Propspects in Medicine. QRS-Quanten Medizin- Medicine in form of waves with no side effects. Clinically tested & scientifically approved and Gold Medal winner in the largest inventor exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.
Quantron Resonanz System
Quantron Resonanz System
Quanten Medicine focuses on the origin of human life, the CELL. As the smallest unit of  the body the cell is responsible for the “state” of theorganism. Scientists and researchers of the Prof Dr. Fischer AG, the “Institute for Quanten Medicine”® have examined the complies process in the cell for more than a decade. The behaviour of the cell correlates strongly with the “electric energy” of the cell. The so called “cell voltage” is essential for the absorption of the minerals and vitamins  and is also responsible for the removal of toxic agents.
Research in this area has really advanced and the acknowledge acquired was used for the development of the unique Quantron resosance system, short QRS®. QRS® reaches every cell in the body making vitalization possible without any effort. In this way QRS® corrects poorly functioning cells and their blocked cell energies.
Mir Station
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Quantron Resonance System
The Quantron Resonance System was developed by Dr. Gerhard Fischer, PhD from Liechtenstein (Europe), with the
cooperation of German scientists Dr. Ulrich Warnke, PhD, professor and Director of the Department of Biomedicine at
the University of Saarland (Germany), and the late Dr. H. L. König, PhD, and Chairman of Electrophysics at the
Technical University of Munich (Germany). Dr. König specialized in studying how high frequency electro pollution
affects the human body. Magnetic fields are nothing new. They are all around us and in us, a part of all basic life
processes. We now know that everything is composed of energy. Scientists have discovered how to focus and shape
magnetic fields that occur in nature in order to stimulate cell metabolism and bring about healing and recovery.
Magnetic fields affect symptoms by going straight to the source-body cells. Since 1996, QRS has been tested on the
Russian space station 'Mir' program. It was installed to counteract calcium depletion in cosmonauts' bones. Men and
women engaged in long-term space missions face decreasing bone density because they cannot exercise properly in
a weightless state. Weightlessness produces no-impact aerobics! When QRS was introduced, however, it improved
circulatory problems, increased amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metabolism, and gave space
travelers additional energy. The QRS System brings these same benefits to us right down on Earth.
QRS - The System
The QRS-101 Home System consists of a control unit, a treatment mattress and a treatment pillow. The control unit sends a unique designed signal to the copper coils inside the mattress and pillow. These coils are able to transform this signal into a balanced pulsating magnetic field that penetrates the body, which for example will increase blood circulation and improve cell metabolism. These fields are low and harmless. The pillow is used to stimulate specific areas of the body that need treatment (knee, shoulder, elbow and so on).
Average treatment is two times 8 minutes a day, preferable one treatment in the morning and one in the evening. During the 8-minutes treatment, people might experience a mood of relaxation  and slight increase in body temperature. Pain and stress relief are noticeable, but in other cases there are no immediate physical changes with the first treatment. Depending on the sensitivity and condition of the person, improvement could be noticed between 2-8 weeks.
On the control unit there are easy to use keypads to select programs, intensities and duration time. Lower settings generate an electromagnetic field to improve sleep and in general help cell regeneration. Higher settings produce a stronger magnetic field to treat, for instance, migraine headaches, rheumatic disorders, and other pain related issues. The same ten levels of strength can be directed to the pillow. With the purchase or rental of QRS, you will receive a protocol from our physician. It will recommend exact levels and duration to address your medical condition.
QRS- 101 Control Panel
QRS- 101 Control Panel The QRS is manufactured in Germany and meets high European quality requirements. The ISO 9000
refers to a series of international guidelines for quality in manufacturing recognized in about 100 countries. Our manufacturer is
rated ISO 9002, a high level of quality assurance for companies that produce, inspect, test, and install service items. In 1998, QRS
received the gold medal in the field of medicine at the Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, the largest
exhibition of inventions in the world. CE, the European organization with the highest standards for medical equipment and drugs
has approved the QRS System. In Germany, the QRS System has been approved by TUV + GS and LGA, which is the equivalent to
UL in the United States
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