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New Propspects in Medicine. QRS-Quanten Medizin- Medicine in form of waves with no side effects. Clinically tested & scientifically approved and Gold Medal winner in the largest inventor exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.
QRS 301
QRS 301

QRS 301 ARZT SYSTEM is a programmable physical therapy device for doctors with feedback-control of the intensity and time parameters.QRS ARZT SYSTEM can be used as well for the execution of a local or entire body therapy as for the programming of QRS Cards for QRS home system.

QRS 301 ARZT SYSTEM is a doctor system, more advanced system for chronic pain management. Physiotherapists are using QRS 301 ARZT SYSTEM for effectively treating muscle, bone, joint inflammation and injuries. It has strong results proven treating gout and nerve related diseases.

Through the applicators the control unit QRS ARZT System creates a low frequency, variable, vibrant magnetic field of the body's frequency pattern with a precisely defined wave shape. The intensity/frequency are adapted according to the vital parameters and specific to the biological frames of the cell structures to be treated as indicated.

This process activates the whole metabolism, stabilizes the immune defense and improves the cell regeneration, thus naturally strengthening weakened body functions.

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