Become Distributor

QRS® Germany is constantly developing and implementing unique healthcare solutions aimed at treating chronic diseases. QRS® invites application from serious investors, Doctors, Medical Firms and financial Strong parties for the distributorship in the every District of Each State. (Investment required 10 Lac upto 5 Crore) & from Pain Clinics/hospitals/physiotherapy Center to establish QRS® Health Care Centre in thier existing Clinic/center /hospital/place. (Investment required 3 Lac upto 1cr)


QRS® for investors:

  • High Return on Investment
  • Contributing to the health of the citizens of the area where QRS® is installed.

QRS® for doctors/ Patients

  • Highly effective complementary medicine for treating chronic diseases.
  • New group of customers/ patients which will be coming to the hospital/ doctor
  • New Prospects in Medicine
  • Highly effective complementary medicine
  • Fast reduction of chronic pain
  • Treats the Cause instead of the symptoms
  • Strong improvement of blood flow, metabolism
  • Restores energy and health of all the cells
  • 3 hours of walking = 1/2 hours sports = 8 min QRS
  • Protection from chronic diseases