In the spirit of "quants" as known to the smallest amount of energy of electromagnetic radiation is the discovery of the German and Russian physicists and biologists Dertinger and Kruglikov that cells use the noise as an energy source for information-driven processes and thereby create selected frequency windows based, is of fundamental importance for the whole of medicine .

Minimum fields can cause by exploiting the so-called resonance maximum therapeutic effect. In the center of the communication between the cells are characteristic frequencies contained in the noise signal. Thus, it is a logical consequence, as underscored by the international symposium QRS, QRS ® in a quantum treatment and overall to speak of a quantum medicine.

As well as results of clinical evaluation with QRS ® showed, the strength of a certain reaction is often not to the intensity of the applied field strength is proportional, but increases with increasing intensity in different cases even decreased. This was also observed in the determination of dose-effect relationships for drugs. The traditional school of thought "more is better" will be to think through the meaning of the new quantum therapy. May also contribute to the present proceedings.

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