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QRS Therapy 101.5 - Device

This Creates Health & Vitality!! Inside the applicators of the QRS-101 System (mat, pillow) are magnetic emitters. If these are fed with electricity then a magnetic field is created, which moves through your whole body and vitalizes your 75 trillion body cells. It penetrates deeply into your body and reaches parts of your body where sport creams or heated mats will never reach. The magnetic field activates the bioelectricity in your body (ions), where the body's own impulses (frequencies), proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, nerves, etc are stimulated. This improves the circulation and the oxygen supply within the body with it.

Price = ₹ 467040

QRS Pelvic treatment

QRS Pelvic Card for Pelvic floor muscles exercise

Price = ₹ 5000 per sitting