QRS- 1010 PevicCenter

Automated Pelvic floor muscle traning

Maganetic stimulation gives real muscle contraction, 4 to 16 sittiing are required to treat and cure any urological indication. Duartion of one sitting is 25 minutes. For QRS Pelvicenter treatment kindly mail at info@qrsindia.com helpline number: +91-740-423-4242

Key benefits of QRS® Pelvi Center

• Non Invasive & Pain free (No probles, no cones etc)
• No need for drugs or medications and physical exercise.
• QRS® is highly effective in every repair process of the body where the cells & tissue requires oxygen for repair
• QRS® Pelvicenter= fully automated pelvic floor muscle muscle excercise
• Simply sit on a chair, wearing normal everydau clothing ( no need to undress)
• No side effects 100% safe & proven " Modern German technology that works"